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19 January, 09:00-11:00 (CET) Webinar Add to calendar
This webinar will be held on Teams


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In the first webinar of the two-part webinar series "Hydrogen Derivatives", you can discover the dynamic world of hydrogen derivatives as we present an unbiased overview of options, neutral comparisons for maritime applications, and delve into use cases spanning transportation, including maritime and aviation fuels, and applications in the process industry.

Tentative agenda 

Part One – Fuels, fuel systems, use cases and infrastructure

Unbiased presentation of options


Neutral comparison of various options for maritime applications

Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST)

Use case: Maritime Fuels

 Meyer Werft 

Use case: Aviation fuels/P2X

Nordic Electrofuels

Use case: Chemical industry/Fertilizer

Yara Clean Ammonia

The use of direct hydrogen in its gaseous, compressed and its liquid, cryogenic state has long been discussed for storing, transporting and distributing it across short-, medium- and long distances. Whereas hydrogen delivery by pipeline across short-to medium distances has proven cheapest at large scale by means of gas pipelines the development of liquid hydrogen liquefaction and transport technologies have emerged as option for medium- to long-distance transport or heavy-duty applications.

However, hydrogen chemically bound in other molecules, so called hydrogen derivatives, offer to be applied as preferred solutions on a case-to-case basis even though their production from and extraction of hydrogen are typically energy and hence cost intensive. Therefore, e.g. ammonia and methanol prove to be ideal solutions in cases where they are also used as final product. The development of each H2-derivate has either emerged from existing industries, such as fertilizer production (ammonia) or plastics industry (methanol), justified by existing oil (synthetic carbon fuels) or gas (synthetic methane) delivery infrastructures whereas liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) comprise a set of fuels, specifically developed for efficient hydrogen transport. 

Motivated by the insight that, among others, hydrogen derivates can offer preferred infrastructural advantages such as high energy storage and transport density and/or ease of handling, H2Cluster and NORWEP have decided to present them in a contextual approach in a two-part webinar series and to invite for a joint discussion with experts in their fields. 

The ambition is not to identify the one and only “best H2-derivative” but instead to understand their specific properties lending their application for specific transport and/or storage options. For that purpose, Part One will introduce the major H2-derivaties, report on major criteria for comparison from an unbiased perspective as well as explain typical major use cases. Part Two of the series is to present the Norwegian competence in each H2-derivative by company pitches.

Hydrogen Derivatives - Norwegian competence

Part two of this webinar series will be held on February 14th and you will find more information on this webinar soon.