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Company contact

Stig Keller


+47 957 28 233

About Norwegian Technology AS

Norwegian Technology AS (NT) is supplying environmental separation technology, equipment and chemicals to support the oil and gas industry to reduce the environmental footprint of drilling and production activities.

Our mission is to develop and patent revolutionary cleaning methods and green technology, ushering in a future without waste. We clean water and purify minerals. We ensure that energy is renewed, helping businesses become more profitable. By drastically reducing emissions, we accelerate the green transition.

Thus, NT provides oily waste treatment solutions for field operators and drilling contractors by offering the next generation of field proven compact and easy-to-operate mechanical separation equipment, environmentally friendly chemicals and skilled offshore personnel.

Products and services for waste treatment in production and exploration drilling NT is commercializing an all-integrated solution for treatment of drill cuttings, slop water and oil-based mud (OBM). The separation units available are small and energy efficient and are ready for installation on most fixed and mobile drilling installations. Following treatment, waste water can be discharged back to the sea with less than 1 ppm oil-in-water. Likewise, drill cuttings can be discharged back to the seabed with no harmful impact to the environment. Residual oil components are sent to shore or reused on the drilling rig.

Cost savings resulting from application of NT´s new technology may be summarized as follows: Every year some 1,5 billion NOK is spent on delivery of drilling waste to shore as hazardous waste for treatment on the Norwegian Continental Shelf alone. Technology from NT aim to reduce these costs by up to 80%. No drilling waste temporary stored on the rig, which will free up significant deck space and reduce weight. No stop in drilling due to delayed waste offloading due to weather and logistics problems. Significantly less CO2 emission due to reduced requirement for shipping of waste from offshore and trucking onshore. HSE savings due to reduced requirement for lifting operations concerned with shipping of waste to shore.

Crude oil sludge or OBM separation: NT holds proprietary solutions for three-phase separation of oily sludge, drill cuttings and oil based mud (OBM) for onsite treatment both onshore and offshore. The process allows for converting oil to new synthetic based mud (SBM) and for brine to be reused as new SBM or water based mud (WBM).

Separation of toxic crude oil sludge at refinery or from lagoons is separated with our proprietary Mud Split chemistry to oil, solids and water. The oil normally contains less than 0,5 basic solid and water and has a quality so it can become products at the refinery.

Drill cuttings treatment: NT has developed, tested and patented new technology for separating drill cuttings for discharge to sea. A project is underway for designing and building a full-scale offshore system (pilot) in cooperation with Shell, ConocoPhillips and OMW.

Offshore mechanical separation equipment: NT has developed a compact Water Treatment Unit (WTU) for slop water based on flotation and ceramic membranes, which deliver water containing less than 1 ppm oil-in-water.

Norwegian Technology AS Company contact