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Value proposition

FluidCom™ are a fully automatic Chemical Injection Metering Valve, each device contain flow control valve, actuator, flow metering & control system.

FluidCom remove known pain´s such as(OPEX):

  • Unstable Injection Rates
  • Over/under dosing of chemicals
  • Inaccurate adjustment
  • Clogged Control orifices
  • High maintenance frequency
  • Manual adjustment
  • Maintenance parts/labor

FluidCom can provide huge savings through(CAPEX):

  • “All in one device”
  • Reduced CAPEX through lower installation cost & increased product lifetime
  • Reduced weight & footprint, huge space savings on any installation on/offshore.
  • Enables Digitization/Integrated Operations
  • Less infra structure required in relation to remote control

Fully automatic, local & remote control option, maintenance free, self cleaning.

Company contact

Erlend Halvorsen

International Sales Director

+47 959 46 366

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