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Value proposition

70% of oil and gas fields globally have a solids problem that significantly impacts production rates. Topside solids management systems are a proven method for energy companies to handle sand production during the life of a well. These solutions optimise production, reduce the cost per barrel produced, and minimise associated emissions.

FourPhase’s compact and highly efficient ‘DualFlow’ system ensures continuous production, enabling a proactive approach to solids management. The well flow is continuously tuned to enhance production and prevent solids from entering process facilities. In addition, because the DualFlow removes oil-coated solids upstream of the separator, the oily water separation process is improved, resulting in higher quality crude as well as cleaner produced water with reduced risk of equipment erosion.

The digital capability of FourPhase systems allows for automated solids management and remote operation that eliminate conventional labour-intensive solids management operations.

The FourPhase ‘DualFlow’ system delivers, on average, a 30% improvement in production. A North Sea operator improved their production as well as reduced associated emissions by approximately 87 tCO2e on a single operation. The emission reduction was achieved through more efficient production and the elimination of a coiled tubing clean-out operation. Typical well candidates include previously shut-in or choked back due to unmanageable solids production.

Identified as a Lower Emissions Oil and Gas Solution (LEOG). Use company contact for detailed value proposition.