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22 March, 09:00-11:00 (GMT +1:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris




The recent developments in the Polish energy sector show a clear trend towards decarbonization. The latest amendments in the regulatory framework create the long-awaited ground for development of renewables, and as such we are witnessing an accelerating green evolution in Poland where offshore wind is going to play a crucial role. The Polish offshore market is in an exciting phase, attracting all the large international market players. This development opens a unique opportunity for Norwegian companies offering products and services to the sector. 


  • Introduction – Anders Eide, Norway’s Ambassador to Poland, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Update on Equinor’s projects in Poland – Vidar Birkeland, Vice president, Project Director, Equinor
  • Offshore Wind Market potential in Poland – Ewa Kwast, Energy Advisor Poland and The Baltics, Norwegian Energy Partners
  • Innovation Norway in Poland and its available market support mechanisms – Ann Elin Hattrem, Director and Commercial Counsellor, Innovation Norway in Poland
  • Norwegian State Export Financing for Offshore Wind Projects - Ivar Løvberget, Senior Vice President, Energy & Industry, Export Credit Norway, and Ute Borghardt-Fossa, Senior Vice President, GIEK – The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency 
  • Norwegian Energy Partner’s events and market activities in Poland – Knut Erik Steen, Director, Norwegian Energy Partners
  • Q&A
Programme responsible

Ewa Kwast

Local Energy Advisor Poland and The Baltics

+48 601 43 86 86

Jørgen Brandt Theodorsen

Director Wind

+47 41 40 06 80

Event organizer

Mimi Cathrine Lie

Project Manager

+47 91 68 50 50