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29 November, 15:00-16:30 (CET) Webinar Add to calendar
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This webinar offers a unique opportunity to explore targeted solutions  within Drilling and Well Construction. Join us to gain insights from Norwegian companies that possess cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches.


Practical information 
  • This is an online webinar held in Teams

  • When signing up for this webinar, your email address will be made available to Norwegian Energy Partners and webinar speakers

Solutions presented by:


Creating value from Digitalization

Many work processes have traditionally been manual, and paper based like keeping track of the tally and updating the status of the well construction. By digitizing these processes, we remove several of the human errors and make the process more efficient and with better data for decisions. Also, when this data is in a digital format it further enables automation by having the data available for computer models requiring this data.

Speaker: Søren Øydna


Drilling and Well Construction with Digital Twin and AI

The presentation talks about real-time drilling advisory system based on digital twin and AI technologies. It aims to automate real-time monitoring, risks management and operational optimization to meet the demands for safer and more efficient drilling.

Speaker: Jie Cao, CTO


WellSafe intervention System

The WellSafe Intervention System is designed to satisfy regulatory requirements with respect to safety. The system comprises a backup heave compensator safeguarding against primary compensator failure, and further provides for safe handling of intervention equipment and bottom hole assemblies preventing work under suspended loads. The system is a gamechanger with respect to execution of intervention operations on semi-submersible rigs. The system has been used for several intervention campaigns with exclusively positive feedback from intervention and client personnel. compression loads.

Speaker: Håvar Sørtveit, Manager Engineering and Technology


CAN - Faster, cheaper, safer, environmentally

The O&G/CCS industry is pushed for faster, cheaper, safer, and more environmentally sustainable field developments.

CAN by Neodrill has proved to hit all the marks and growing numbers of operators are leveraging the technology for exactly those reasons.

Learn more on why the CAN technology is being preferred by our customers and how we envisage it will be used going forward.

Speaker: Vidar Strand, Business Development Officer


Extender Carbon fiber composite tubulars

Traditionally, steel has been the go-to material for Oil and Gas, Geothermal and CCSU well tubulars. However, the industry is constantly evolving, and innovative solutions are needed to overcome challenges such as corrosion. Carbon fiber composite tubulars represent a groundbreaking advancement, offering a host of benefits to the well construction and operation.

Speaker: Geirmund Sætre, Technology Manager Extender