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18 - 20 June Krakow, Poland Add to calendar
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Explore the vast landscape of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) opportunities nestled within Poland! We will unveil a robust workshop program dedicated to nurturing partnerships between Norwegian and Polish entities in the realm of CCS. Crafted by NORWEP in collaboration with AGH University of Krakow and the University of Oslo (UiO), this initiative unfolds a rich array of events meticulously designed to cultivate the exchange of knowledge, drive technological innovations, and illuminate pathways to lucrative business ventures within the dynamic CCS sector.

The workshops and delegation visit is tailored for Norwegian companies. priority will be given to NORWEP partner companies. Approval from both NORWEP and AGH University of Krakow is necessary for participation. Register your interest here.

The workshop is free of charge. Participants are responsible for their travel related reservations, expenses, and fees, i.e., hotel, flights, transportation,  etc.

Acceleration of Climate Change Mitigation Technologies Deployment: Polish-Norwegian CCS Network

Bilateral initiative project within EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 Bilateral Fund

The overarching objective is to establish a robust bilateral network between Norwegian and Polish entities, fostering long-term collaboration in the realm of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies. Norway, as an international leader in CCS deployment, presents unparalleled opportunities with its advanced facilities and commercial projects spanning the entire CCS chain. Simultaneously, Poland, driven by a high interest in CCS technologies and a governmental commitment to a net-zero goal by 2050, is in the developmental phase of national strategies and legislation for CCS deployment.

Beyond an initial workshop, our outreach activities encompass additional workshops in both Poland and Norway, CCS Summer School, and a culminating CCS Symposium in Poland, contributing to an ongoing dialogue and solidifying outcomes from this collaborative initiative. This program aims not only to bridge expertise gaps but also to facilitate dynamic interactions that will propel both nations towards sustainable advancements in CCS technologies.

Business Opportunities for Norwegian Companies

Norwegian companies participating in the workshop gain access to a range of business opportunities. The identification and showcasing of CCS-related offerings provide a platform for potential technology transfers to Poland. The collaborative evaluation of workshop findings enables participants to pinpoint areas for joint projects and initiatives, opening up avenues for further collaboration and knowledge exchange within the Norwegian CCS community.

This event is part of the NORWEP initiative on promoting Norwegian technology and solutions that lower emissions (LEOG). 

“Bilateral initiative project: „Acceleration of Climate Change Mitigation Technologies Deployment: Polish-Norwegian CCS Network – ACCLAIMED:CCS” is financed by Island, Liechtenstein and Norway, through EEA and Norway Grants under the grant FWD -Green-11.”